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Employment, volunteering and activism fair, which since 2016 has traditionally been held at the Faculty of Law of the University of Belgrade every May under the slogan "CHOOSE YOUR CAREER".


During the five held fairs, more than 60 different law offices took part in the fair, as well as a few offices of public executors, auditors and companies.


The goal of the project is to provide students and young lawyers with the opportunity to come into direct contact with the participants of the fair who offer professional practice or employment.


The trial simulation competition is a unique activity that our organization conducts several times during the academic year in different formats.


Competitors have the opportunity to try out in the role of prosecution or defense, for which they are prepared by experts from the prosecution and the legal profession. The judicial council consists of judges, public prosecutors, well-known lawyers and other eminent jurists.


Once a year, a national trial simulation competition is organized where teams from law faculties from Belgrade, Kragujevac, Niš and Novi Sad participate.


The project "Internship from college" allows students of the Faculty of Law to find internships in law offices that specialize in different branches of law.


The importance of this project is reflected in the cooperation between our organization and law offices that very often employ students from their final years after their internship.


Last year, over 150 students found internships with the help of our organization, and this project will include internships in courts and companies.


It is an international project that has been taking place across the entire ELSA network since 2013


The project is based on the realization of a unique forum that deals with a new topic every year with an emphasis on European standards that include the protection of human rights.


During ELSA Day, students at the Faculty of Law express their opinions on a current topic by filling out a survey. Additionally, each ELSA Day has accompanying academic content where legal experts present their observations on the topic covered during the project


It represents a project where law students and young people

lawyers across Europe, supported by academia

communities, conduct comparative research on

current field of law.


The LRG project is an excellent opportunity for students who want to gain extensive knowledge of legislation in specific areas that are of interest to them. Legal research groups are supported by the Council of Europe and have a wide impact on society as well as on the development of legislation.


Last year's project was implemented with the help of the ELSA network, which included 5 countries: Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Turkey and Serbia.


Summer ELSA Law Schools - an international summer school program that takes place throughout Europe, and since 2018, ELSA Belgrade, together with the most prestigious European faculties, organizes this project.


In addition to the mandatory lectures, the project is

aimed at getting closer to the culture, history, way of life in Serbia, through visits to the state institutions and landmarks of Belgrade.


Last year's project was held under the theme "Diplomacy and Law" and 38 students from 16 countries participated.

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