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The goal of the marketing department is to promote the activities of ELSA Belgrade to law students and to present them in the best light, as an organization that works in the best interest of law students. Also, the marketing department organizes social events where law students can make new acquaintances and friendships.

Academic Activities

Academic Activities (AA) through its numerous programs contribute to legal education and the preparation of law students and young lawyers for professional life. Writing papers, organizing debates, debates, round tables, panel discussions and lectures on current topics in the field of law and related sciences are just some of the ways in which knowledge acquired during studies can be completed.

Seminars and Conferences

Seminars and Conferences (S&C) complement the formal university education of law students by raising awareness of global, legal, social, economic and environmental issues. In the spirit of critical dialogue and scientific cooperation, law students acquire knowledge in new legal areas whose activities are certified by lecturers (law offices, judges, audit houses, state institutions). The key activities of S&C include the organization of seminars, conferences, law schools and study visits.

Professional development

The Department for Professional Development (PD) offers law students and young lawyers the opportunity to gain practical and work experience in law offices and the judiciary in the Republic of Serbia, as well as abroad. In addition to the aforementioned internships, PD also organizes workshops and trainings where law students can acquire the skills necessary for further career development.


The Department for Trial Simulations (CMP) aims for participants to apply their knowledge in practice through case processing, feel the heat of the courtroom and thus overcome the gap between theory and practice. Through the organization of simulations and education, students are given the opportunity to participate in competitions, both at the local and national level, from which the best teams advance to prestigious international competitions organized by ELSA International.

Executive Board

The executive board consists of the president of the organization, the general secretary, the supervisory board and the financial sector.

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